Launching the 1st Women in Energy Program for Central and West Asia

Vision and Scope

The goals of the Women-in-Energy Program for Central and West Asia is to foster the advancement of women’s participation in the regional energy sector.

The Program is focused on women’s employment and the potential for employment and leadership in the sector, broadly defined. This is interpreted to include (i) quality employment opportunities from entry level to executive management; (ii) women’s full engagement in policy making, oversight and decisions in creating functioning energy systems; and (iii) advancing education opportunities for girls and women in the STEM and other relevant fields for a career in the energy sector. The overall intended impact is to break through gender-based stereotypes in education, training and employment in the sector, close gender pay gaps and promote women’s leadership across the sector. As women are often segregated into jobs with low pay, low security and limited social mobility, the rise of new jobs as part of the greening of economies offers a timely window of opportunity to fundamentally change
this bias.

The Women-in-Energy Program for Central and West Asia shall become the go-to place for women to enhance their employability, skills and visibility in the sector. It shall also be an anchor for organizations, authorities and other institutions seeking support in developing gender friendly frameworks.

Women in Energy Work Program 2030

The Women in Energy Work Program 2030 shall aim to reduce some of the most pressing barriers women face in the regional energy sector through practical actions that have a reasonable prospect of being resourced.

The Program will include activities in four focus areas:


Focus Area 1:
Increase employability of women in the energy sector

Indicative Time

Provide capacity building for resume writing and job interview preparation to female graduates seeking to enter the sector

from 2024

Organize secondments and/or short-term assignments for women to international energy companies or other organizations

from 2025

Focus Area 2:
Boost women’s education in key fields for the energy sector

Provide scholarships for trainings and certifications at regional and/or international centers of excellence

from 2025

Facilitate partnerships between industry and academic institutions to advance girls and women in energy-related fields of study

from 2024

Establish student chapters at high school level to incentivize the next generation of students to transition to the clean energy sector

from 2024

Focus Area 3:
Support visibility of CAREC women regionally and internationally

Organize regular regional Women-in-Energy Summits to promote discourse and networking

from 2022

Support women’s visibility in the sector through individual and corporate memberships in existing international women-in-energy networks and alumni networks

from 2022

Maintain data base of Central and West Asian women presenters interested to participate in regional and international energy fora

from 2022

Focus Area 4:
Enhance organizational capacity in designing gender friendly policies and workplaces

Provide guidelines on Equal-by-30 principles, and templates of best practices in HR policies for State Owned Enterprises, Ministries and private energy companies to recruit, retain and promote women through their professional careers

from 2024

Provide examples of flexible working arrangements that enable women and men to balance work-life responsibilities in the energy sector

from 2024

Introduce companies to the Women’s Empowerment Principles (WEP), and recognize those institutions that secure WEP certification in the energy sector

from 2024